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Villa keeps playoff hopes alive for New York FC with a late penalty

by Javier Hernandez | Posted on Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

New York City FC captain David Villa kept his side’s hopes alive as New York defeated Vancouver Whitecaps this past weekend.

(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

In the 93rd minute of the game Laba made a challenge on Frank Lampard just as the former Chelsea skipper was entering the area. Laba hits the ball and maybe Lampard in a hard decision for the ref but he points at the spot. Penalty.

94 minute – Villa takes the penalty low left corner of the goalie as he did so many times in Spain; Ousted goes the other way, 1-2 New York. Game over.

Inside Spanish Football followed the Spanish superstar on his trip to Vancouver, watching David Villa in every minute and every action this is what we found.

1st min – Whitecaps starts the game, Villa is up front for New York, just behind him Frank Lampard and behind him controlling midfield Andrea Pirlo. All three superstars will leave their mark in the game.

8th min – Villa wins a corner, nice play for el Guaje forcing center back Kendall Watson to the left flank and earning a corner after an attempted cross.

Villa has being moving constantly on offense, particularly to the left side as he used to do with Atlético and Barcelona leaving spaces for Lampard and Mix Diskerud who already took shots from outside the box.

8th min – Corner was wasted by Pirlo, too long, while Villa was bothering goalkeeper Ousted right inside the box.

11th min – Villa is offside, number seven tries to find a space between the center backs but the long ball by Mix finds him offside.

20-25th min Villa keeps being active in attack as New York keeps pushing forward, not doing much with the ball; his movement without the ball are creating spaces for Lampard and Mix.

28th min GOAL! By Lampard, beautiful play by Pirlo who perfectly sets left-back Angelino for a low cross and Frank is in the receiving end of that ball in the middle of the box to put the 0-1 with a nice low shot. Villa went deep inside the box creating the space for Lampard to appear from the back.

New York was dominating the game and deserved to be ahead. Pirlo, who will never be too old for this, controls the match with such class that is just mesmerizing to watch. He will be like that all 90 minutes.

32nd min El Guaje tries one of his signature shots from just the left corner outside of the area, the shots goes high.

35-45th Game slows down a bit and we go to the half time with nothing else to highlight.

46th min David Villa and Frank Lampard start the second half from center ($12 million dollars combine to start the second half probably works as intimidating factor).

49th min – Former Sporting Gijón is call offside, as New York starts to drop back and tries to play more long balls.

56th min – After some pressure from the Whitecaps, Villa tests Ousted for the first time. Left foot shot, low from the left of the box, easy to handle.

55-70th min – Whitecaps keeps pressuring New York as the Americans keep dropping further back, former Málaga midfielder Pedro Morales enters the game for the Caps.

66th min – David earns a free kick outside the area, Pirlo takes a low shot but is saved by the goalkeeper.

70th min – Villa takes another shot this time Ousted needs to dive to the right side to make the saves. El Guaje was outside the box. Right back Allen, made a great play before crossing the ball to Villa.

72nd min – Once again the Spaniard takes another shot with his left foot outside the area. New York is only attacking with Mix, Lampard and Villa and they are struggling to create real danger up front.

87th min – Penalty! For the Whitecaps. The pressure was too much for the last 15 minutes and you could tell that something was going to happen in the New York FC box. However, Watson goes down fairly easy and it was probably on an offside position in the first place.

88th min – Former Málaga Pedro Morales puts it low to the left Saunders couldn’t reach it. 1-1 Caps.

89-93rd New York needs the win to saves their playoff hopes and went all out attack. The Whitecaps had plenty of chances to make them pay but failed to do so. Then came the dubious penalty.

94th min – When Villa scored, the Guaje celebrated just like when his times in La Roja winning one for Spain in the World Cup. Same spirit, same intensity, same joy that made David one of the best strikers in the world.

His team will need all nine points they have left to dream about the playoff but Villa will make sure that New York won’t give up until the final whistle.

After the game we see him taking pictures with the fans and signing autographs. His eyes lit up when his sees a fan with a Sporting Gijón jersey. The super star from small Tulia doesn’t forget where he started all and his small town spirit shines as he says goodbye on the way to the bus. He is as happy in the MLS as he ever was in La Liga, scoring as if his still on his prime. 17 now and hoping for more to reach the playoff.

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