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For Sale:

by Tom Conn | Posted on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

Letter from Inside Spanish Football Owner and Editor Tom Conn


Loyal Readers,

I thank you all for the continued support of this website throughout its inception into what it has become.  This website started out as a blog, as many websites do, but soon became, in my eyes, a trusted source of Spanish football news for English, as well as non-English readers.

I have dedicated the past four years of my life nurturing and helping build this website, but recent health concerns and a lack of writing staff due to the low revenue generated from the site, have forced me to make the difficult decision to let the website go.

The countless hours have taken their toll but I continued to write as many articles as I possibly could, spurred on by my passion for Spanish football and my love for writing.  However, it eventually came at the cost of putting the site before my wife and two young children and my health.

Therefore, I have decided to sell the website and the nearly 40,000 articles archived over the past four years, in the hope that someone will take up where I have left off and continue to provide a tremendous audience with the same dedication I can no longer provide.

I am giving our readers the opportunity to purchase the website before I put it up for auction.  I feel it only fair to allow someone, who has a true passion, to have the opportunity to live out their dream before it goes to the highest bidder.

The twitter account will not be included but the Facebook and Instagram account will be handed over upon sale.  The buyer is responsible for backing up and transferring the content to their new server, while I also request a copy for my personal archives, as I have written the majority of the content and edited numerous articles.  Offers and Inquiries can be made to

I know this may come as a disappointment to many, but I must put my best interests first, despite the love I have for this site, what it has allowed me to do and who it has allowed me to reach through the power of the sport.

Thank you all very much for your support over these years and I hope to maintain a relationship with this site and the readers in the future.

Thank you,

Tom Conn

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