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Barcelona president Sandro Rosell considering stepping down over Neymar transfer lawsuit

by Tom Conn | Posted on Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Barcelona president, Sandro Rosell is considering stepping down from his position with the club in order to avoid a long, drawn out legal battle over the summer transfer of Brazilian superstar, Neymar, after the Spanish High Court decided to go ahead and open legal proceedings against the Catalan boss over misappropriation of funds linked to the 21-year-old’s transfer from Santos.


According to reputable Barcelona-based Spanish newspaper, La Vanguardia, Rosell is seriously considering stepping down from his position as club president from a moral aspect and helping the club to save face rather than to avoid legal troubles.

It was announced on Wednesday that the Spanish High Court, after reviewing the documentation submitted by the club in recent weeks, has agreed to open proceedings and accept the lawsuit by Barcelona member, Jordi Cases, against Rosell over misappropriated funds in regards to the summer transfer of Neymar.

However, Rosell insists that the amount stated at the time of Neymar’s official presentation, €57.1 million, was the actual amount and that certain confidentiality clauses have prevented him from divulging the particular details to the club’s members and would rather resign being known as the man who brought in Neymar than have it smeared through the mud.

The club statutes do not require that a president, who is currently going through legal proceedings, resign from the club as that would be an admittance of guilt in the eyes of the public and the members, but if convicted he Rosell, depending on the charges, could be stripped of his membership and not even allowed to step foot in the Camp Nou.

Yet, in the meantime, Barcelona are appealing the lawsuit and the spokesman for the club’s board of directors, Toni Freixa spoke to La Vanguardia about how the situation could have been handled better but still insists that the transfer fee was €57.1 million.

“It was a huge mistake to not clearly explain where the €57 million went.  Our biggest mistake was to present a player that cost €57 million and not say clearly where the money was going.  It’s strange to not say where the money is going.”

Freixa went on to add that the €57.1 million was the true price of the transfer but it was broken down to various parties, which is a routine part of transfers these days.

“The remaining fees are player compensation formulas, in which there is no misdemeanor.  These are formulas used by many clubs to, for example, pay the companies of the players.

“The decision of the judge, as he indicated, is that we didn’t give him any comparisons, which is because if we didn’t feel we didn’t do anything wrong, we have no defense.  We don’t feel like Rosell did anything wrong.”

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