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Javi Martinez: When I was a kid, my idol was Fernando Torres

by Tom Conn | Posted on Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Bayern Munich’s Spanish midfield duo, Javi Martinez and Thiago Alcantara recently answered questions about their former clubs compared to Bayern and their idols growing up.


In an interview with the club’s website, the Spanish internationals first discussed the differences between their former clubs.

Martinez: “Athletic Bilbao and Bayern Munich are two very special teams with special players.  They are all part of a family and make it so the players feel like they have the luck of playing for the two team and make them feel like they’re at home.”

Thiago: “The main difference is that Barcelona and Bayern are in different countries, but also the type of football they play in the league and the football played in Spain is difference.  The similarities are that they are two great teams, they are always in the position to win very competition.”

The duo went on to discuss the best goal they’ve scored in their careers.

Thiago: “Seeing how I just scored it, it’s easy to choose.  I think the best goal I’ve scored was in the European U-21 Championships from midfield (Javi: “it wasn’t from midfield…”) Well, midfield for you is is a little further back.”

The Javi Martinez discussed his favourite teams growing up, before comparing Thiago’s speed to that of a turtle.

Martinez: “Obviously they’re from my province, there are two of them: On one side there was Osasuna because they were from Navarra and the other Athletic Bilbao because my brother played there. Then, when I was a little older, Fernando Torres was my idol, I still follow Atletico Madrid a lot.

“Who is faster between Thiago and Ribery?…The better question is ‘who is faster, Thiago or a turtle?’  Of course Franck is one of the fastest in the world so that’s an easy answer, you guys made that too easy…Fine, Thiago is pretty fast too.”

The Spanish duo concluded by naming their favourite athletes of all-time.

Thiago: “I always had my father, who was an example around the house and on the pitch, but if I had to pick someone from the sporting world, I’d say Michael Jordan.”

Martinez: “Well, I’ve been lucky enough to grow up watching Miguel Indurain, who was also from my province and all of the ‘navarros’ always identified a lot with him. I was just born in the era where he won five Tour de Frances, I was five or six and I’ve always looked up to him as an idol.”

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